What you see here is the real image of a woman, before her photo is placed in a magazine for us women to obsess over about and worry about our own bodies!

It is more than likely that this woman workouts out and lives a healthy lifestyle as you can tell from her body shape and size. However as she isn't a size zero, and has some curves her image has been airbrushed to make it look like her body is "perfect" before it is released into public eye. 

It is amazing how quickly you can get a nice tan, toned thighs,  lifted breast and a toned stomach using technology to alter you. But Why doesn't the media show the first photo?, the un-airbrushed photo? Is it to create insecurity among us women to go out and buy there products? Or is it to show us the unrealistic expectations society has about women's and men's bodies? well I am guessing its BOTH!

I think any size is beautiful as long as your healthy! and as a realist we need to take into consideration the advertisement industry and how much influence they have on our minds. stand against them and don't be judgmental on yourself, or anyone else. People have different body shapes, it is due to lifestyle, genetic make up and other factors, and none of it should be due to the media. this is how people get sick and suffer with serious medical conditions caused by eating disorders. but is it really worth it for the "perfect body"?

Define perfect!

I want you to go away thinking about the magazines you read and the advertisements you are bombarded with in your every day life and think, the models look nothing like that in real life, and if they do they are more than likely causing damage to their body's trying so hard to be  the image of "perfection".